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WISE – Specializing in providing well/downhole service solutions by developing products, processes and services to work within the various stages of a well’s life cycle.

WISE brings together fit for purpose equipment to provide innovative effective well solutions and a people powered company culture that is quality service driven.

Through quality operations by leveraging our experience and knowledge, we develop products, services and solutions that optimize customer well performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Coiled Tubing

Revolutionary coiled tubing equipment designed to service today’s complex wellbore challenges. High capacity reels capable of handling up to 7600m (25,000’) of 50.8mm (2.0”) or 6700m (22, 000’) of 60.3mm ( 2.375”) coiled tubing. Conventional unit configuration for diverse operating functionality. HR680 and HR6100 injector heads for reliability, high performance operations & extended reach applications.

Pumping Services

Industry leading 69Mpa/10KPSI pumping equipment for remedial pumping needs. Twin 600HP triplex and 860HP quints for low to high-rate/high-pressure pumping needs for coiled tubing, workover rig, snubbing, multi-zone completion (including pumpdown, toe initiation and DFIT) and auxiliary frac support.

Intervention Tools

Intervention BHA equipment for Coiled Tubing or Threaded Pipe conveyance methods. A toolbox designed for today’s complex well-bore intervention and completion needs. Extended reach tools, Milling tools, Stimulation tools & Coil tubing fishing tools. Unique products offering specialized features to increase quality, reliability and address inherent down-hole problems discovered over time.

Technology Development

The WISE Technology Development team specializes in sourcing the latest fit-for-purpose technologies to address the unique needs of our customers. If the necessary technologies do not yet exist, the WISE team is fully equipped with the project management, engineering, and development skills to design, build, test and deploy the industry’s latest cost and time-saving innovations.

Vision & Values

“To be the premium well intervention services company in North America through quality operations by leveraging our experience and engineering facilities, developing products, services and solutions that optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner.” ― Josh Thompson

CORE Values






Simply put, quality client service is our top priority. We greatly value our partnerships, and understand the importance of growing these relationships throughout all of our operations in order to achieve the best possible service for our customers. Together with our industry colleagues, neighbors, and the entire WISE team, we ensure that our clients’ objectives are achieved safely and efficiently.


Our WISE experts analyze every operation, ensuring that proper equipment and protocols are implemented, minimizing risk while meeting or exceeding client expectations. This is a result of our operational strength, quality controls, and stringent safety standards delivered with clear and focused communication.


Our highly skilled personnel coupled with our proprietary equipment technology ensure top job performance is consistently achieved. We are continuously analyzing and improving our people, products, and services to optimize performance, enabling us to provide industry leading custom solutions.


We are committed to building and supporting a collaborative team, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, clients, and communities.
WISE’ industry leading safety statistics demonstrate our commitment to our evolving safety culture.

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