Commitment to each other, environment and community

WISE is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors, sub-contractors, visitors and the public. This goal is achieved by the implementation of a current, relevant health and safety program throughout the company.

The policies and procedures developed by all levels within the company which are supported by management, aim to protect the worker from injury, be environmentally aware, and to comply with all government and regulatory standards.

The recognition, identification and control of workplace hazards is a top priority of the company to reduce the amount of near misses, incidents, accidents and lost time.

Extensive engineered controls are incorporated into the equipment designs, training programs, and hazard identifications to provide quality and safety controls for all employees.

In its commitment to each other, environment and community, WISE provides resources, safe equipment, personal protective equipment and required training for its employees.

WISE Intervention Services Inc. partnership with ICOTA and Enform help ensure that we stay current with the industry recommended guidelines, further safeguarding our employees.