1. Where can I apply to work at WISE?

All of our available positions are posted on our careers page at: CANADA and USA.

Our available positions are posted with a brief overview of the positional duties, requirements, and working conditions. Click on the position you are interested in to learn more or to apply.

To help determine your qualifications, all open positions have preliminary questions that are required fields when you submit your application. These questions are directly related to the position and may include driver’s license information, post-secondary qualifications, etc.
If you did not see any opportunities of interest, you have the option to submit your resume utilizing the “Future Opportunities” link. Please ensure that you reference the type of position you are looking for in your cover letter. Refer to the “Future Opportunities” postings for more information.

Please remember, applications submitted without an updated resume can result in our managers not reviewing your current skills and knowledge. Always apply with a current resume.

2. Can I send my resume via fax, mail or email?

To ensure that your application is submitted to the correct manager we encourage all interested candidates to apply directly online through the careers section of our website.

3. What happens once I apply?

Once you have submitted an application online, you will receive a confirmation notice stating that your application was submitted successfully.

WISE is committed to hiring the best applicant for each of our positions. Our recruiters and hiring managers will review your application. If selected for a position, a recruiter or manager will contact you to arrange an interview.

4. What happens during the interviewing stages?

Depending on the position, the Human Resource department or manager may call you for a preliminary phone screening.

If selected for an in person interview, a HR representative or manager will contact you to arrange this meeting. Depending on the position, there may be more than one interview.

Once the interviews are complete, the HR Representative will review your work history and references. Depending on where the position is located and the positional requirements, you may be requested to submit a current 5 year commercial abstract or fill out an employment history application form.

If you are a successful candidate, you will be contacted to discuss the offer of employment. This is then followed by a hard copy. Unsuccessful candidates from the interview process will also be informed of the decision.

5. Do you need previous experience or knowledge operating coiled tubing equipment or downhole tools to apply?

Previous oilfield knowledge and experience is definitely an asset, however, it is not mandatory. All potential candidates are assessed on how they will fit with WISE and the position. Some positions do require a minimum of a Class 1 driver’s license or CDL license. Please ensure that you review the minimum qualifications for the position you are interested in.

6. What does it mean “Am I qualified to Work in Canada / USA?”

Applicants with Canadian citizenship, permanent residency or holding an open work permit are eligible to work in Canada. Applicants with American citizenship, or lawful permanent residency, non-citizen national of the United States, or otherwise authorized to work in the United States are eligible to work with us there.

7. What does it take to be a WISEGuy or WISEGal?

WISE Intervention Services Inc. looks for the best-qualified applicants. If you are a pro-active, self-motivated, career-oriented, and safety-minded and enjoy being a part of a team, then you may just be the next WISEGuy or WISEGal.