What is Safety

Safety is ensuring that all employees arrive home or their destination each and every night safe, healthy and free from danger, hazard, injury or loss. This is attained by ensuring our employees are properly prepared, educated and understand the risk involved in order to mitigate it to a manageable and safe level.

We are all ultimately responsible for our own safety, but we all share a common obligation to each other and the environment at all times.

It is the fundamental believe that each employee at WISE internalizes this as their own belief. It is a way of life that transcends work or occupation.

Utilizing industry recommended portals, all of our employees have immediate access to current legislation, procedures and processes regardless of where their job location is

Each of our employees are assessed on their competency levels so that we as a company can foster and mentor them in their respective career growth.

Providing the right tools, resources and training to our employees from their first day at WISE will help ensure that they have the necessary means available to provide a safe work environment.

We are all safety people first!